We have ported mopar cylinder heads for street and drag racing.

Few examples of heads we have ported.

Brodix B1:

- From year 2009 to 2010 Low Heat Racing gained from 8.82s / 244km/h to 8.60s / 253km/h with head porting only and some weight increase because of improved roll cage:

Brodix B1 Original Brodix B1 Original

Edelbrock BBM Victor CNC max wedge:

We have CNC ported Max Wedge version with hand finish.
Runner cross section area and volume will be adjusted per engine size and RPM, so cfm will vary, contact for more details.

BBM Edelbrock Victor BBM Edelbrock Victor BBM Edelbrock Victor BBM Edelbrock Victor

Procomp "Victor":

Procomp Chrysler 440 Procomp Chrysler 440 Procomp Chrysler 440

440 Source "Stealth":

440 Source stealth 440 Source stealth 440 Source stealth