Cylinder heads is our business. We specialize on custom cylinder head porting and engine design for professional racing engines.
In our cylinder head development we do not just measure flow (CFM) numbers on flowbench when making porting decisions. Air flow speed is critical in power creation, so we also have necessary equipments to measure flow speeds in induction system during flow testing to have better understanding of cylinder head capabilities for each engine combination.
Cylinder head should be properly sized per engine requirements and especially with engines having high volumetric efficiency (VE) it is mandatory to have right port size to match engine size, rpm and HP goal.

  • Flow volume, cubic feet in minute (cfm), gives an idea of potential horsepower what head could be capable of producing.
  • Flow speed, feet per second (fps), sets rpm when engine will be "choked" and has an big effect on what will be engines potential VE%.
  • If flow speed is too high, horsepower calculated from cfm will not be realised and horsepower will start dropping sooner than expected by cfm numbers.
  • If flow speed is too low, cylinder filling will be compromised due low inertia causing reversion back to intake track, low induction pulsation and low VE% as end product.
  • Even best cylinder head alone does not make power, but it requires all other components, like Camshaft, compression ratio, induction and exhaust systems to be designed for the intended RPM range and use purpose.

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